U12 Boys

2016/17 Broad Oak & Horam Under 12’s (Knights)

As a demonstration to the effort and commitment of the team, the 2015/2016 season ended triumphantly, with the Knights winning their league but, whilst the present season is proving somewhat harder, the team continues to show a resilience that impresses other coaches as well as their own.

Photo 17-07-2016, 17 48 20This is a community club and one we feel is about so much more than football alone.

Whilst we encourage players to try new things and bring their own style and creativity to the group, we also want an element of team spirit and responsibility to be developed so are very much focused on a positive and united spirit in our teams attitude (both on and off the pitch) and yes, that includes the parents too!

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Crowborough & District League matches are usually held on Sundays with our home matches played at Horam Recreation Ground. All our coaches are FA qualified, first aiders and CRB/DBS checked.

We train midweek and on Sundays if there is no match.

The team are ready for the season ahead with their new kit – courtesy of Paul Cottingham & Sons

Thank you Paul!…Paul Cottingham logo

Principles of the 3 A’s


Obviously, without attending regular training sessions, coaches will be unable to assess a player in terms of their football. Furthermore, as well as their ability, it will also not enable the coaches to consider a players attitude towards the game as well as their team mates.


It goes without saying that a players ability on the pitch will help decide their place in the squad and whether or not they are in the starting line up and so on.

However, it is as much about a players attitude off the pitch, i.e. at training, as well as on the pitch that helps determine whether they are included in (or excluded from!) the team.

All players are encouraged to treat each other with respect and consideration irrespective of what happens elsewhere!


We are well aware that players develop at differing speeds and, whilst we do not want to stifle this in any player, we feel it is also important that they recognise it is unlikely they will beat another team single handed!

So, as well as showing Messi/Ronaldo/Sanchez (sorry had to be included!) like skills, all players will also need to show they have the ability to play as a unit (even if the end result is simply for them to demonstrate their superior skills by scoring in the final third!).

Ability alone may not be enough, a player also needs to demonstrate other qualities to be part of the team… not sure what we mean?… Think Mario Balotelli – enough said?!

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