50 Club

In an attempt to raise much needed funds for our club we have started a 50 club!

What’s that I hear you cry, well the principles are simple:

  • Each month subscribers pay £3 to be included in the 50 club prize draw.
  • At the end of each month we add all the names of the 50 club subscribers into a large hat and draw one lucky winner.
  • What do they win, you guessed it £50!

We now have the minimum number of players required to make this viable and will start the draw very soon.

We would really like to increase the number of players/subscribers and in doing so raise more money for the club which will be spent on equipment and club improvements. As we get more members we will look at changing the prize structure so more people can win each month and eventually hopefully be able to make it a 100 club…

So how do you join?

All you need to do is set up a monthly bank transfer to the club, once that’s in place we will add your name and you are in the monthly draw. Here are the bank details you will need:

Account Number: 11551011
Sort Code: 60-10-30

The reference is important as well need to know who is paying into the club if you don’t add one we wont know who you are! here is an example of how it should look; 50CLUB-WATESJS

You can also increase your chances of winning by subscribing more than once, we will check the payments you make and add the correct number of names to the hat. So if you are paying £6 a month we will add your name twice.

If you would like to join the 50 club simply set up the bank transfer and we will add you to the next draw after your first payment has been received. If you have any questions please email Julian Wates and he will answer them for you.

Good Luck!